PointsPay shopping assistant

View Product Prices in your
favorite Loyalty Points using
PointsPay Shopping Assistant

View Product Prices in your
favorite Loyalty Points using
PointsPay Shopping Assistant


About PSA

Your shopping just got easier with the PointsPay Shopping Assistant. Now, when you visit a PointsPay partner website, you automatically get information like:

  • Your account balance
  • Product price in miles
  • Miles you can earn

Key Benefits of PointsPay Shopping Assistant;

  • Informed shopping with Points or Miles
  • Make quicker purchase decisions
  • Account balance available on the partner merchant site
  • Ease of browsing and shopping on partner merchant websites
  • Easy to install and use


What is the difference between PointsPay Shopping Assistant(PSA) and PointsPay?

PointsPay Shopping Assistant is a browser extension which helps you in your shopping journey on the PointsPay merchant network. Whereas, PointsPay is a payment gateway, where you can pay with miles or a combination of miles and cash during checkout.

Why is my loyalty program not listed in PointsPay Shopping Assistant(PSA)?

Our aim to enroll as many programs as possible. However, you can expedite the process by asking your program to contact us by filling in this form.

Which all merchant sites does PointsPay Shopping Assistant(PSA) work on?

New merchants are being added continuously. You may view all the merchants where PointsPay Shopping Assistant and PointsPay work here.

I want to give some feedback on PointsPay Shopping Assistant(PSA), whom should I contact?

We are always eager to hear from you, you may reach out to us by filling in this form.

How does it work?


Download the PSA for Chrome / Firefox and visit any of the merchants site that supports PointsPay


Search for the PointsPay icon which is next to the product price and hover your mouse over it. You will see the points you can collect/spend on the purchase of the product


Once you have added the items to your cart, in the check out flow select PointPay as the payment option

Web site author Mohamed Habbat